Our Practice Areas


At Moreira and Associates PLLC, we provide high quality legal representation in a wide variety of cases. For more than three decades, we have provided client-oriented legal representation at a reasonable cost. With offices conveniently located in Queens, New York, and Rahway, New Jersey, we believe that our expertise, reputation and solid clientele are the foundation for our ongoing success. At Moreira and Associates PLLC, our lawyers strive to always be approachable, responsive, efficient and effective : we respond promptly to phone calls and keep clients informed of the status of their cases : we will take the time to explain every phase of the process to ensure our clients make informed decisions throughout the case. Our success is built on the personal attention and quality representation we provide to our clients based on a thorough analysis of each client’s unique circumstances. Our dynamic team consists of experienced attorneys, highly skilled paralegals and excellent support staff. We are proud to say that members of our firm speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. We invite you to learn more about our law firm and contact us for your initial consultation.


Immigration is the area of the Federal Law that determines in what manner and under what conditions an alien may come to visit, study, work or live in the United States. Immigration is a complex area of the law with frequent changing regulations. Each case presents its own set of challenges and while some cases may appear to be straight forward, the majority of immigration matters require analysis of a skilled immigration attorney. Our firm is committed to providing comprehensive legal representation. To that end, we work with every client to analyze all the aspects of the case and offer a personalized legal strategy. As immigrants ourselves, we understand the importance and legal urgency of immigration matters. We have over 30 years of experience in Family Petitions, Green card renewals, TPS, DACA, Naturalizations, Asylums, Waivers, Deportation and Removal cases.

Family Law

Family law consists of highly sensitive issues that can require legal assistance in a variety of instances. Including prenuptial agreements, divorces, separation, annulment, child custody and support and domestic violence. With over 30 years of experience, we combine a compassionate and client-centered approach with an aggressive form of advocacy, while working to obtain the most desirable outcome for our clients. Though we are experienced trial attorneys who can protect your interests in court, we will also help you use alternative methods of dispute resolution, always keeping your family’s best interest first.


Litigation is the process of carrying out a lawsuit. When the parties to a dispute cannot resolve it amicably, the court systems, State and Federal, provide a forum of the dispute. Legal matters that reach litigation can be complex. As a client, you need a litigator with the skill and knowledge to flight for your best interests and accurately present the facts on your case. We may assist you in Federal or State Court as our office is equipped to provide you with the counseling and support you need. We will vigorously litigate your case to ensure that you receive all the relief to which you are entitled and will defend your interest zealously.

Federal Law

There are in the United States two different systems of law. The Federal court system resolves issues of Federal law or non-Federal issues where the parties are of diverse nationality or domiciled in different states and the amount in dispute exceeds $75.000. The State system attends to issues not specifically assigned to the Federal system. Our attorneys are admitted to practice law before the Federal court and our office can assist you before the Federal courts as well as before the State courts of New York and New Jersey. Whether Federal of State, your legal needs will be effectively attended to by our firm promptly.


Wills are the most common method for stating your preferences for how your estate is handled upon your death. A well written will helps to ensure your assets will be distributed to beneficiaries as efficiently as possible and help minimize estate taxes. Our focus is on assisting clients with passing the maximum amount of wealth to their loved ones while minimizing the impact of federal and state estate taxes. Our services include counseling clients on developing and implementing estate plans through Wills,Trusts, Power of Attorneys and Medical Directives as well as guiding clients through the estate administration process, including probate, the transfer of assets and preparing federal and state estate tax returns.


Arbitration is a method of dispute resolution involving one or more neutral third parties who are usually agreed to by the parlies in dispute, and whose decision is binding. This is an alternative method to resolve disputes between parties. Arbitration and Mediation are also known as “Alternative Dispute Resolution”. Sometimes arbitration is the designated path in a contract, sometimes the law requires the parties to arbitrate their disputes. In these cases, the parties cannot resort to the courts and must submit their differences to the arbitrator. Our firm has many years of experience arbitrating and mediating internationar and domestic disputes before the courts and arbitration panels.