I have been living in the United States for 6 years. I arrived in this undocumented country and I had the good fortune of meeting with Dr. Jorge Moreira in July of the year 2016 who in that same month and year took my case. I am so grateful to Moreira y Asociados because in December of the year 2017 I traveled to my country for my consular appointment. Thanks to the efficient work of the lawyers I could apply for my children and return with them to receive our permanent residences in the United States. I had the opportunity to meet with very professional and responsible people who knew how to guide me in all my consular procedure both here and when I I have to travel to my country. It is my 100% confidence for Moreira y Asociados that I do not hesitate to recommend to all my friends and acquaintances. Currently they are taking my husband’s case and I hope we will have good news soon. Thank you.